VIETGUYS | 25/10/2023

VOBF2019 – Breaking Through Limits is an opportunity for agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the field of e-commerce and digital economy.

The Vietnam Online Business Forum (VOBF 2019) is a pivotal event in the realm of e-commerce within the country. Jointly orchestrated by the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) and the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy (iDEA), this forum stands as the largest of its kind in Vietnam, setting the stage for the latest in e-commerce trends and innovations.

VietGuys' Commitment as a Silver Sponsor

In the spirit of fostering e-commerce growth, VietGuys is proud to be a Silver sponsor for VOBF 2019, reaffirming its commitment to advancing the e-commerce landscape. With a history dating back to 2007, VietGuys stands as the foremost provider of Mobile Marketing Solutions in Vietnam, serving a diverse clientele of over 5,000 domestic and international brands.

A member of Accrete Inc., Japan's preeminent international SMS service gateway provider, VietGuys delivers a suite of cutting-edge solutions, including SMS Brandname, SMS Fixed, Viber Message, Zalo ZNS Template, Voice Brandname, Email Marketing, and Mobile Top-up. These solutions are designed to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective customer experience.

E-commerce's Astonishing Growth

Opening the event, Ms. Lai Viet Anh, Deputy Director of the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy said: “E-commerce in Vietnam has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with 2018 characterized as a period of exciting development, boasting a growth rate of approximately 30%. If this growth trend continues at a similar pace throughout 2019 and 2020, the e-commerce retail market's value is anticipated to reach around $13 billion by 2020, surpassing the expected level outlined in the e-commerce development master plan for the 2016-2020 period.”

VietGuys - Silver sponsor for VOBF 2019 event.

Key Discussion Topics at VOBF 2019

The VOBF 2019 forum serves as a platform for engaging with the potential of e-commerce and sharing groundbreaking ideas to steer businesses toward new directions. The forum's discussions center around four key topics:

  • Online Shopping Boom: This segment explores e-commerce market trends and its robust expansion potential.
  • Time is Gold: Amid a climate where consumers increasingly expect swift delivery of online orders, this topic addresses solutions and services that cater to this demand.
  • The Rise of AI: This topic delves into the profound impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, on businesses across various sectors.
  • Capital or Idea: Offering insights to online business entrepreneurs, this discussion assesses the pivotal factors determining their venture's success in a game that is both risky and laden with opportunities, potentially birthing new Unicorns in Vietnam.

In being a part of VOBF 2019, VietGuys aims to provide businesses with valuable knowledge to harness the immense potential of e-commerce, facilitating their robust development in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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